Collective Intelligence

With this entry the web page goes live. It is a big moment. The logo got a variety of feedback upfront. The idea for it came from networking. Once you connect the corners you get a net.

The Hexagon can also be regarded as a honeycomb. The form of the walls lead to high stability. The bees are very social and demonstrate an example of collective swarm intelligence.

In today’s world, collective problem solving has become imperative in the face of complex challenges. This requires well functioning teams, ideally consisting of people with different mind sets as this enhances the creativity of the team as a whole.

As recruitment consultants we are in touch with many people every day and network constantly, be it with candidates or partners who collaborate with SEUBERT HR in order to serve our clients in Recruitment Consulting and Direct Search. The selection of employees is always done in terms of what new perspectives they can bring into the enterprise. It is not “Equals among Equals” but “Great minds do NOT think alike”!

With this I am tying into my former corporate blog ending in February 2010, with Peter Kruse. His thoughts have inspired me a lot. He talks about a solution system that needs to have the same complexity as the problem system. If I understand a team as the solution system, I need to assemble the team like a brain as he describes in this video.

I have been planning to write a blog for some time now. I wrote an English blog some years ago and now I’m pleased to join the German HR blogosphere which has actively evolved over the last years.

10. October 2013 by Volker Seubert
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