Direct Search

Our expertise is the international direct search of managers, executives, HR specialists and high-caliber experts.

We regularly operate in a technically complex environment. Abroad we work closely with local partners.

Our Methodology

We identify candidates with sophisticated search methodologies in the Internet as well as through the classical approaches for candidates who have left no footprint on the net. Our approach is analytical, thorough and fast. Here you can find more information about how we work.

Advantage of Direct Search

Candidates approached directly by us are professionally active in their fields and not seeking a job.

The unique advantage of the direct approach is to generate interest in a new, potential employer from the very beginning. The attractiveness of the company and its benefits can be articulated right from the first contact and offer convincing arguments for an employer change. This first contact is critical for the process and therefore carried out personally by the consultants.

With professionalism and discretion we build trustful relationships between candidates and future employers from the start and contribute to creating an image of employer of choice for our clients.

When do we use Direct Search?

A direct search approach is most relevant if targeted candidates are required from a specific market segment or have to fulfil a narrowly defined skillset. We do direct search to fill positions in HR, Sales, Marketing, Service, Logistics/Supply Chain, IT, Production and R&D.


These are mainly in the market segments of classical industry (Automotive and Engineering), Logistics and Transportation, e-Commerce, Online Marketing, Mobile Advertising, IT and Software development, Semiconductor and Nanotechnology. We would be happy to personally provide you with the names of references.

With Direct Search we offer our expertise as consultants that goes well beyond simply providing CVs. It includes a close dialogue with our customers based on the market environment and our market analysis to constantly fine-tune the search process and, if necessary, the profile of the ideal candidate.